About Us and Services


Our team of highly motivated individuals work to provide quality products and services to our growing customers around the world. The core members of our team are from Huawei, Lenovo, DJI, PWC and UBTech, equipped with outstanding professional ability and global vision.

1.Advertising and publicity services

Automated and efficient execution of advertising strategiesSupport keyword and product placement, support to view advertising performance by keyword/ASIN/store/summary dimensionsPerform quantitative analysis on the keywords to be placed, quickly optimize keywords, and maximize advertising benefitsAutomatically execute advertising operations, support time-based price adjustments, and automatically complete bidding strategies

2.Commercial lobbying services

3.Conducting marketing studies

Integrate all operational indicators related to listing to provide in-depth product performance analysisReal-time attention to sales, ranking, traffic, advertising, profit, inventory, return rateSupports comprehensive analysis based on dimensions such as MSKU, ASIN, ParentASIN, and storesSupport daily, weekly, and monthly summary analysis to provide reliable data support for operation strategies

4.Import-export agency services

Provide one-stop customs clearance, remittance, tax rebate, logistics, finance and other import and export servicesBring more convenient services to import and export enterprises

5.Marketing services, namely, conducting consumer tracking behavior research and consumer trend analysis

Consumer Behavior Habits and Attitudes (U&A) Research, Consumer Satisfaction Research, NPS Research

6.Online service for connecting social network users with retailers for the purpose of facilitating discounted purchases

7.Operating on-line marketplaces for sellers and buyers of goods and/or services

8.Pay per click advertising

Based on site promotion, pay-per-click (CPC) real-time bidding advertising marketingBy bidding on search keywords or recommended advertising spaces, display your promoted products, activities or shops on the rich advertising spaces on the site

9.For sellers and buyers of goods and/or services; pay per click advertising; providing user rankings for commercial or advertising purposes

10.Sales promotion for others

Provide advice, planning, publicity, and consultation for product sales